My Westmed Family Access

My Westmed Family Access enables parents, legal guardians, and caregivers access to the patient’s medical records and access to communicate with the patient’s providers. Setting Up Family Access If You Are a Westmed Patient and Already Have a Patient Portal Account:

A family member who is a Westmed patient can request access to the portal account of another family member who is also a patient.

My Westmed Family Access

Note: Beginning at age 13 the family member will have billing-only access. After a child reaches the age of 13, that child can be granted full access to a family member.

Step 1: When logged into your My Westmed portal account, go to the menu and click Family Access settings in the top right corner of the browser.

Step 2: Go to [Patient’s Name] Access to Other Patients section which is under the “Family Access” header. Note: This section allows you to request access to the account of a child or guardian, whereas the “Who Can Access My Information” section allows you to select who can view and access the information from your personal portal account.

Step 3: Click Add Patient under the Access to Other Patients section, and enter your child’s name and date of birth. If a matching patient record can be found, verification will be sent via email or text message to the contact information on file to confirm access.

Step 4: During the registration process, be very sure to select “no email” this will avoid any issues with connecting the info you enter with the records in our system. DO NOT enter your email address.

Step 5: As long as your child is a registered patient in our system, this should work. If you are not successful, please reach out to Technical Support at You can expect a response within 24-48 hours, except on weekends and holidays when the office is closed.

If your situation becomes more urgent, please call your Westmed provider directly. Note: In your email, please include your full name, date of birth, current address, the email address you provided when you registered for a Patient Portal account and the name of the last Westmed provider you have seen.

If Requester is NOT a Westmed Patient:

On the Patient Portal login page, click Sign up today. When asked “Who will use this account?,” click the Patient’s family member option and enter your information about the patient. After verifying your identity, the portal will send a temporary passcode to the patient (not to you).

After you enter the temporary passcode that the patient received, enter your demographic information and set your password. You are now logged in to your own Westmed Patient Portal account, with third-party access to your family member’s account.