Forgot NextMD Username? – NextGen Patient Portal

Forgot NextMD Username? The unique username helps you to secure your account and prevent unauthorized access to your account. In NextMD Patient Portal, the username and password policy has been updated for the following pages:

The username policy: Your username must be unique. You must provide a username in between 6 to 50 characters and it can be a combination of alpha-numeric and special characters (except any whitespace as character). The user name is not case sensitive.

Note: The new username and password policy also applies to the mobile version of NextGen Enterprise Patient Portal.

Forgot NextMD Username?

To recover your username, go to the NextMD Patient Portal logon page and click Forgot username?. On Forgot username, type your verified account email address, and click Submit. You will receive an email containing your username information.

Forgot NextMD Username?

If you do not have a verified account email address, you can recover username using your notification email address. From the logon page, click Forgot Username, type your notification email address, and click Submit. Then, you must type your Last Name and Date of birth (mm/dd/yyyy), and click Submit.

If you do not have a verified account email address or notification email address, you must contact your practice to recover your username.

Frequent Asked Questions

1: How do I retrieve my user name? You can retrieve your user name by clicking the Need help with your user name and password? link on the log in page. You must select I’m having problems signing in and enter your personal information. You will receive an email with a URL to reset the password after you enter the correct details.

2: Can I combine my accounts? You must contact your practice to combine your accounts in NextGen Patient Portal. Your practice should authorize NextGen Healthcare to change your account information.

3: Can someone else log on to my account? The system is secure. No one can access your account unless they have access to your user name and password. You must always create a strong password with a combination of alpha-numeric and special characters for your account. If anyone else tries to access your account with an incorrect user name or password, the system will lock your account after four attempts.