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The NextMD Patient Portal is a safe, web-based platform created by NextGen Healthcare through which you can send an email to your doctor with non-urgent medical questions, schedule or reschedule appointments, request refills on prescriptions, and obtain test results and referrals.

It is important to communicate with your medical group and access your medical records. When you use the NextMD Patient Portal, you can communicate with your physician to stay on track with your care plans, monitor and share your health information, and request refills from within the online portal.

NextMD Patient Portal Features

The NextGen Patient Portal system and the NextMD mobile app helps you communicate with your provider in a fast and efficient manner. There are different modules in the system that allow you to communicate with your provider, request a medication renewal, make an appointment request, view statements, make online payments, request your personal health record, and so on. Your practice has the ability to customize the NextGen Patient Portal based on specific needs.

Since the NextMD patient portal is a secure online website that allows patients to access their personal health information from any location with an Internet connection and receive immediate access to that information, patients can access their health information using a unique username and password. The NextMD patient portal is a free service provided to you. With the Patient Portal, you can:

  • Communicate with staff and providers through a convenient, safe, and secure environment.
  • View your medical records
  • Request medication refills online
  • Receive your statement online
  • Request that we update your address or phone number
  • Pay your bill online
  • Receive lab results
  • Frequently Asked Questions

What You Need To Do To Protect Yourself From Website Fraud

It’s becoming too common for cybercriminals to gain unauthorized access to online accounts by using stolen data, including user IDs and passwords. But you can do something about it!

How are user IDs and passwords stolen?

1: Key Logging: This unlawful activity occurs when malicious software infiltrates your computer, captures all key strokes, and sends them to criminally-owned servers.

2: Social Media: Criminals search social media sites (such as Twitter or Facebook) for personal information, and then attempt to use it to defeat website security.

3: Physical Discovery: Shoulder Surfing—This technique involves looking over computer users’ shoulders when they enter their password, or listening for their spoken password.


  • Use passwords that are difficult to guess and include special characters, mixed-cased letters, and numbers in combination.
  • Use a password on your electronic devices.


  • Use the same password for financial sites that you use on social media sites.
  • Write down your passwords.
  • Offer your user information by phone unless you know and trust the person.

Make sure your device:

  • Has up-to-date anti-virus software with automatic updates.
  • Uses a supported operating system, such as Windows 10.
  • Enables security updates that are installed automatically.

Consider using a separate computer to access your financial websites. Internet browsing can leave you vulnerable to malicious attacks, so limiting activity on the computer where you access sensitive sites will help protect you.

If you share your Portal username and password with another person, this will allow that person to see your confidential medical record information. We have no responsibility concerning any breach of your confidential medical record information due to your sharing or losing your user name or password.

NextMD Patient Portal Login

NextGen is quickly becoming a major player in EMR software, giving electronic health records access to both doctors and patients. Having full access to medical records gives patients the control and freedom of their own healthcare.

To access NextMD Patient Portal, you will need to successfully complete enrollment and create an account. Your practice can enroll you in NextGen Enterprise Patient Portal in one of the following ways:

1: Issue a token: If your practice initiates the enrollment and provides you a token, use the token to create a NextGen Enterprise Patient Portal account and complete the enrollment.

2: Provide a temporary username and password: If your practice provides you a temporary username and password, log on to NextGen Enterprise Patient Portal with the credentials. Type your own username and password to create a NextGen Enterprise Patient Portal account and complete the enrollment.

3: Ask you to send a request: If your practice provides you the portal website link or instructs you to enroll by using the NextGen Enterprise Patient Portal link on the practice website, use the link to enroll yourself. After enrollment completion, a submit enrollment request appears that states that request has been sent to the practice and pending for approval.

Once the request has been approved, you will receive a confirmation email for the same.

4: Send an invitation link to your email address: If your practice has invited you to enroll in NextGen Enterprise Patient Portal using the enrollment link sent to your email address, use that link to enroll.

However, if you already have an account, follow the steps below to access the NextMD login page where you will enter your username and password in the spaces provided and click Log In to access your account.


Resetting Your Credentials

How do I reset my password? To reset your password, go to NextMD Patient Portal logon page, click Forgot password. On the Forgot password page, type your verified account email address in Email or Username, and click Submit. You will receive an email with a link to reset the password.

How do I recover my username? To recover your username, go to the NextMD Patient Portal logon page and click Forgot username?. On Forgot username, type your verified account email address, and click Submit. You will receive an email with your username information.

NextGen Patient Portal Frequently Asked Questions for Patients

  • I have a NextMD/NextGen Patient Portal account with another practice. Do I have to create a new account?
  • Can I use the same email address for all of my family members?

    Yes. Each patient must have a valid email address in the system (even children/dependents), but the same address can be used for all family members.

  • Can I use the same username for all of my family members on the Patient Portal?

    All Portal usernames must be unique. That means a family of five can use the same email address to signup, but each family member will have a unique login and the signup process would need to be completed five times, once for each family member. The Care Managers will be able to view their Dependent’s portal information without having to log in as the Dependent.

  • Can I send a message about my child, spouse, parent, etc., through the NextGen Patient Portal?

    Yes, but this is only possible when the “Care Manager/Dependent” functionality is enabled. A parent, spouse, or guardian can become a “Care Manager” for a “Dependent.” Care Managers can send messages and request information on behalf of a Dependent through their Patient Portal account. Two spouses can be Care Managers for each other, allowing both individuals to access the other’s information.

  • Can I book appointments from NextGen Patient Portal?

    You can book appointments online using NextGen Patient Portal provided that the practice has enabled this functionality. You can also send an appointment request to the practice if you are unable to book an appointment.

  • Can I see all my appointments in the Inbox?

    Depending on how your practice’s portal is set up, you may see all appointments (including those made by phone or at the practice, or only those appointments made through NextGen Patient Portal.

  • Can I renew my medications from NextGen Patient Portal?

    You can send a request to renew active and inactive medications from NextGen Patient Portal. Your provider must approve the medication renewal request. You will receive a medication refill in your NextGen Patient Portal account after your provider approves your request.

  • How do I pay my statement on NextGen Patient Portal?

    Depending on how your practice’s portal is set up, you may be able to view statements and make patients. When an electronic copy of a statement uploads to your account, you will receive an email notification indicating a statement is available. Only the latest statement is payable on NextGen Patient Portal.

    If you have a pending payment that you cannot pay online, you should contact your provider and request for a new statement. If your statements are overdue, contact the practice to resend the statement.

  • Can I see lab results on NextGen Patient Portal?

    Documents and lab results are not automatically uploaded to NextGen Patient Portal; they need provider approval prior to upload. You should send your provider a secure message from the NextGen Patient Portal account asking for the status of a recent lab result. When your provider sends you an electronic copy of the lab result, you will receive an email notification indicating a document is available in the Inbox.