Enroll – NextGen Patient Portal

It’s no surprise that patient portals are popular because they provide patients with simple access to their health information. Patients and doctors can communicate and coordinate with one another using the NextMD Patient portal, which act as a single point of contact for both parties.

Patient portals can also ensure that patients have access to their health records in a timely manner, which can help improve their overall health. Your practice can enroll you in NextMD Patient Portal in one of the following ways:

1: Issue a token: Open the welcome to NextGen patient portal email sent from the practice and click on the nextgen patient portal link. If for any reason you did not receive an e-mail from your practice, go to www.nextmd.com

Enroll In NextMD Patient Portal
  • To Enroll In NextMD Patient Portal, go to www.nextmd.com, you would click on “Create Account.” This will then take you to the terms and conditions page.
  • Read and accept the terms and conditions – This is your first step in the enrollment process. Please select “I have an enrollment token.”
  • Complete the following options to verify your identity
    • Token details
    • Account options
    • Account credentials
    • Security questions
    • Google Authenticator

2: Provide a temporary username and password: If your practice provides you a temporary username and password, log on to NextMD Patient Portal with the credentials. Type your own username and password to create a NextGen Enterprise Patient Portal account and complete the enrollment.

3: Ask you to send a request: If your practice provides you the portal website link or instructs you to enroll by using the NextGen Enterprise Patient Portal link on the practice website, use the link to enroll yourself.

After enrollment completion, a submit enrollment request appears that states that request has been sent to the practice and pending for approval. Once the request has been approved, you will receive a confirmation email for the same.

4: Send an invitation link to your email address: If your practice has invited you to enroll in NextGen Enterprise Patient Portal using the enrollment link sent to your email address, use that link to enroll.