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Millions of patients using myPatientVisit also have a mobile-ready option with an optimized look and feel. The myPatientVisit login portal is designed with the patient’s ease of use in mind, providing a place to check your balance and upcoming appointments quickly and chat with your provider’s staff online and all from your phone.

If you are a new user and have not yet created an account, please follow the steps below to create one. You will then be guided through creating a login for the official site. You can either register using the email address that you provided to the office or you can register by creating a username and entering a security code provided to you by the office.

myPatientVisit Registration Steps

Step 1: Go to

myPatientVisit Register

Step 2: If you’ve already created a username & password on My Patient Visit, you can log in; otherwise, under “Don’t have an account?”, click Create an account or enter in your browser.

NOTE: If you have a preexisting portal account (that is not specifically with, you will still need to create a new account.

Step 3: Fill in all Sign-In information in the provided fields and create a unique password for your account.

  • NOTE 1: First/Last name must match the name on your patient record.
  • NOTE 2: If you wish to register with a username instead of an email address, click the hyperlink labeled “(or register by username).” Username registration requires possession of a Security Code (provided by your office).

Step 4: Read the full “Terms & Conditions” and click the acceptance checkbox.

Step 5: Click “Register” and complete the appropriate steps in the following section. For Users Who Registered with an Email Address: A screen displaying “A confirmation email has been sent to the email address” will appear (for initial registration, email confirmation is not required); Click “Continue.

For Users Who Registered with a Username:

  • a) A prompt will appear if no email was entered at the initial account creation (in Step 3).
  • b) Select either option—“Go Back” (to provide an email address for this account to receive notifications from our office) or “Proceed Without Email.”
  • c) Select three Security Questions from the provided dropdown menus.
  • d) Input appropriate answers and submit.

NOTE: Security questions cannot be changed once submitted.

Step 6: The “Connect to a Practice” page will appear.

Step 7: Fill in the provided information fields on the page.

NOTE: The link may autofill this information when clicked. If so, disregard this step

Step 8: Click “Connect” and complete the appropriate steps in the section below. Choose the steps below, based on whether Email or Username was used to create an account.

For Users Who Registered with an Email Address:

  • a) If all information is valid and matches a patient record in the system, you will now see a “Safe Health Code” page.
  • b) Select the method for receiving the Safe Health Code (email, etc.).

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do NOT close the MyPatientVisit page or browser window when retrieving the Safe Health Code, as doing so will cancel out the registration process.

  • c) Retrieve the Safe Health Code from the selected method location (email inbox, etc.).
  • d) Input Safe Health Code.
  • e) Click “Connect.”

For Users Who Registered with a Username: Proceed to Step 9.

Step 9: Patient Dashboard will appear, giving you authorized access to portal tools.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Users can link multiple patients (such as a child or spouse) to one account when given the required security code by the practice.

If registering using a username and security code:

You will create your own username, and password, and enter your First Name and last Name (same as name on the insurance card). You will then complete 3 security questions of your choosing.  Lastly, you will enter the security code provided to you from the office and connect to see your dashboard for MyPatientVisit.

On the dashboard for MyPatientVisit, you can Pay your medical bills, you will have options at the top for myInfo which will allow you to update your demographics and insurance, myVisits which will allow you to enter your medical history in forms or access a clinical summary from a previous visit, myMessages which will allow you to send a secure message to the office, and myAccount which will allow you to link other family member accounts together or link with another medical office using MyPatientVisit.

myPatientVisit App

The myPatientVisit mobile app is a patient-centered platform that allows patients to access their healthcare information and communicate with their provider’s staff from their mobile devices. The app is optimized for mobile use and provides a user-friendly interface for patients to check their balance, view upcoming appointments, and chat with their provider’s team.

The myPatientVisit App for iPhone and iPad also includes a new feature called “I’m Here,” which allows patients to inform the office staff that they have arrived for their appointment and begin a chat with their provider’s team.

Learn more about myPatientVisit App and how to download it for iPhone and iPad